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Sommercamp 2016

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Revenge Violence and Conciliation

a workshop about the mechanism of revenge in the western culture based on the conversation between Silo and a study group on 6. May 2008 in Grotte/ Italy

Start: Friday 18. July 5 pm End: Sunday 20. July 3 pm

The Hamurabi Codex
The Hamurabi Codex

The subject of revenge, which starts with the Hammurabi-code and continues in Judaism, Christianity and in Islam. The subject of revenge is part of a cultural field. So, who knows whether we don‘t have to explore this matter of revenge in our own mental structure, in which it is strongly incorporated; in the heads of those, who consider themselves western. This is where the subject of revenge is tightly included.“



-Video of 6. May 2008 (with subtitles)

- Presentation of a monography

- Discussion/ Conversations/ Conclusions


Start: Friday 18. July 5 pm

End: Sunday 20. July 3 pm

Contribution towards costs:50,- Euros (incl. 2 overnight stops and meals)



application: Luz Jahnen    Tel.: 0049-(0)157-766 589 22 

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